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Homing Dogs


All of the dogs offered at PAWS for re-homing have been assessed as being of good temperament and most are used to mixing with other dogs and obviously have had some interaction with the workers at the shelter. Some may naturally be a little shy at first, but that is possibly down to their background before arriving at PAWS. Every animal is regularly wormed and vaccinated whilst in our care and all are fitted with tick collars. As children and cats do not normally frequent the shelter, we cannot reliably advise as to how our animals will get along with them.

Micro-chipping of Dogs.

Before dogs leave the shelter they must be micro chipped and that chip must be registered with the government vet who will then provide the owner with a Certificate of Dog Registration. The process of micro-chipping and registration enables lost dogs to be reunited with owners. If you already have a dog that is not micro chipped contact your local vet who will carry out the process, therefore allowing you to register the dog centrally with the Government Vet.


Dogs available for Re-homing.

Click on flickr logo or the thumbnail images below to see some of the PAWS dogs available for re-homing now!



For obvious reasons, these 5 pups are affectionately known as the 'Black Family'. They were in foster care until there was space available for them at the shelter. Born on 10 May, they are exactly 3 months old now. Their mother was a black Labrador so they will grow to be larger sized dogs. There are 3 boys: Jax, Jet and Jenson and 2 girls: Abbey and Izzy. They are healthy, playful and intelligent - they love the water in this heat!

If you are interested in homing one, please come down to the shelter any morning between 07.00 and 12.00.14840




Hello, Iím LIZZIE.

I am 3.5 years old and have spent all my life, except for the first 2 weeks, at the Shelter. I came here with my brother & sister, but they have found their forever homes now; Billy went to Germany a couple of years ago and Yasmin was adopted here in Cyprus earlier this year.

So, I am the only one left. I really think itís time that I was out of here but for some reason people donít give me a second glance. If only they knew what they were missing!

The nice people at the Shelter say that I am a small Labrador X and that I am now fully grown. I wouldnít take up much room in your house Ė only in your heart.

While I have lived here I have shared pens with lots of different dogs, even very big ones, and I always try to make friends. I am a good girl and donít cause anyone any trouble. I can be a little bit shy around new people but once I get to know them itís OK. I like to play with my friends sometimes, but best of all I just love, love, love to be cuddled by people. 2324



Aries is in the same section of the shelter as her brother Mickey. She is now aged about 18 months and is a stunning looking, gentle, hound. She walks nicely on the lead and loves her walks. Some of the dog walkers specifically ask to take her for walks. Aries is a very playful and affectionate little dog and loves her toys. She is a willing learner. Aries says, "If you cannot give me a home, would you please share me so that I have a better chance of getting my forever home. Thanks." (00683)



This is Chester a Labrador cross. He is about 18 months old, fully vaccinated and neutered. He is a lively boy but is good on the lead and loves a walk. He will fetch a ball and play happily with the other dogs in his pen enclosure. He was found in Armou and brought to the shelter where he has been since. Chester was six months when he came to the shelter. Please lets find Chester a forever home that he deserves.557


Betty Boo

Betty Boo is a sweet girl, now 12 years old. She is a black and white pointer cross who came into the shelter in 2003. She gets on well with the dogs in her section and still gets very excited at the prospect of going for a walk. Could you be the one to give her a home and the love that she craves?3894

The above selection of dogs are obviously only a fraction of the PAWS "guests". There is a larger selection of dogs for re-homing to be found on our Facebook page. Click on the logo for further information.


We can also assist in re-homing dogs to the UK and provide a specialised service for ensuring the animals are transported in a safe and comfortable manner, with minimal stress.