Cyprus Association for the
Protection and Care of Animals

PAWS Dog Shelter

Acheleia, Pafos, Cyprus

Caring for homeless, neglected and abused dogs in Cyprus

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Thank you for visiting our new style website, which was launched at the start of 2014.
The content is much the same but the new drop down menus should make it easier to navigate.


Bobtail ImageThe Cyprus Association for the Protection and Care of Animals (CAPCA) is the name of our registered charity and PAWS is the name the dog shelter which we operate. Paws Dog Shelter is a care facility for abandoned, rescued and abused dogs in Paphos and the surrounding areas in Cyprus.

We exist solely on donations, fund-raising, sponsorship and money raised through our charity shop. Please enjoy browsing our website to see the work we do, how we fund it and what we achieve.

If as a result of your visit you feel that you can help in some small way, whether it be by volunteering a few hours work, donating a few Euros, helping to raise funds or even just offering suggestions to help us, then please contact us. You could make a big difference to a little dogs life.



Please visit our Facebook page, Click here Facebook Page.


Rehoming Dogs

As stated above, and its well worth repeating, the PAWS shelter operates as a care facility for abandoned, rescued and abused dogs, but it must also re-home as many dogs as possible to keep functioning on a daily basis. If you feel you can give a home to one of our deserving residents, you can either click on the dog to view some of his buddies, or click on our Facebook Page.



A Short Video tour of the PAWS Shelter

We have a short video taken on Christmas morning showing the volunteers, dogs and the shelter. Please click on this link to watch the PAWS Video Tour.

Lots of Dogs

IMPORTANT  Before Bringing Dogs to the Shelter.

PLEASE NOTE. With the safety, welfare and health of dogs in the shelter being paramount, it is our policy to house new dogs in an individual pen for approximately 10 to 14 days. This allows our Kennel Consultants to ensure that the dog is not suffering from any contagious disease and to assess their general well-being and temperament before moving them to a section containing other dogs.

It is unfortunate that the number of abandoned and stray dogs continues to be on the increase in the Paphos area and there are times when, regrettably, the PAWS Dog Shelter is filled to capacity.

So if you find a stray or abandoned dog, please telephone our Kennel Consultants on 99 683 775 before bringing the dog to the shelter. This will allow us to check if we have a suitable single pen available to take the dog on that day and it may also save you a wasted journey. In the event that the shelter is full, we will ask you to keep the dog and phone back in a couple of days time when we may be in a better position to accommodate the dog.

On behalf of our four-legged guests, we thank you for visiting us today.


The Kennel Consultants



Last Updated 31 July 2014