All of the dogs offered at PAWS for re-homing have been assessed as being of good temperament and most are used to mixing with other dogs and obviously have had some interaction with the workers at the shelter. Some may naturally be a little shy at first, but that is possibly down to their background before arriving at PAWS. Every animal is regularly wormed and vaccinated whilst in our care and all are fitted with tick collars. As children and cats do not normally frequent the shelter, we cannot reliably advise as to how our animals will get along with them.
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There are many wonderful dogs at PAWS seeking homes within Cyprus and elsewhere. Indeed more of our dogs are rehomed outside Cyprus these days. There are dogs ready to go and these can be seen if you click on the film strip below. In addition we normally have some dogs in foster homes who will become available for rehoming when they are of age, or have regained full fitness.
Microchipping of Dogs.
Before dogs leave the shelter they must be microchipped and, if the dog is being re-homed in Cyprus, that chip must be registered with the government vet who will then provide the owner with a Certificate of Dog Registration. If  the dog is being re-homed outwith Cyprus, the microchip has to be registered with the relevant authorities in the destination country. The process of microchipping and registration enables lost dogs to be reunited with owners. If you already have a dog that is not microchipped contact your local vet who will carry out the process, therefore allowing you to register the dog centrally with the Government Vet.
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