PAWS Dog Shelter
There are many different ways to support and help the dogs in residence at PAWS, and reference to the various ways are made throughout this website. On this page we will look at funding by means of donations, etc. Everybody assumes when you mention the word "donations" we are looking for monetary donations, and while money allows the charity to target it in areas where it is most needed, we are more than grateful for any sort of donation. In the past we have received various donations and they range from dog food, dog treats, dog toys, dog beds and everything in between!
We are extremely grateful for the generous donations we have received over time - our lucky residents now have access to paddling pools in the summer and new shaded areas.  However, we really need to raise more funds for the maintenance of the shelter and for the continued care and upkeep of our dogs.
If you wish to Donate to PAWS, please click on the Donate button or visit our Donations page. Thank you!
CAPCA is also very grateful for donations paid directly into our bank accounts. For those wishing to donate to the CAPCA charity, either from abroad or from Cyprus, please find below the details you will require for our Eurobank account.

BANK: Eurobank EFG Cyprus Ltd.
ACCOUNT HOLDER: The Cyprus Association for the Protection and Care of Animals (CAPCA) Paphos.
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 200100187462
IBAN code CY04018000070000200100187462
Leaving a Legacy
Have you ever considered leaving a legacy in your will for causes or charities you support?
If you love dogs and want to leave something to charity, then there is no better way than by leaving a legacy to PAWS in your Will.  Such an act would provide much needed income to the Shelter to help us to continue to care for stray dogs in Cyprus; we are sure that it would give you the pleasure of knowing that you have contributed to the future welfare of many stray dogs.
Charitable legacies can help to minimise Inheritance Tax Liability. A Legal/Financial advisor with experience of UK ex-pats living in Cyprus should be able to advise you best on this matter.
If you already have a UK Will, then leaving a legacy is not a problem - you just have to make a short codicil with your instructions and provided this is witnessed and signed by two people and is appended to the original Will, this will ensure your wishes are implemented.
Zypernhunde e V Summerfest 2015
We also have a number of people in the UK who support CAPCA. Our coordinators in the UK are Fred and Pauline Davies. Their contact details are:
Tel 0044-01473 657380

Anyone wishing to make a donation in Sterling to our UK bank account can do so. Our UK bank details are:
Nat West St. John's Wood Branch
Sort code 60-18-20
Account No. 96890355
In May, PAWS received a welcome gift from FIDO Tierschutz e.V.  Renate Münter, the Chairperson of the German charity, donated 110 'spot on' flea and tick treatments (worth €1100) for our dogs. We are especially grateful as this summer is predicted to be a bumper year for these parasites. The mild winter which we have just experienced in Cyprus will not have killed off fleas and ticks. Even in cold winters they can just lie dormant. A humid spring has the potential to create a tick outbreak in early summer because it gives newly hatched eggs a greater chance of surviving - increasing the tick population. If not eradicated from the coats of dogs, these fleas and ticks can lead to a long list of serious health problems.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Renate and her team for the above donation and also a previous donation of €400.
Many thanks to Hill's Pet Nutrition for this wonderful donation of food for our dogs, delivered recently by Panchris Group. Their support is much appreciated.
Above are some slides showing another fantastic container delivery from our friends and supporters at Zypernhunde in Germany. A big 'thank you' from everyone here at PAWS.