PAWS Dog Shelter
The CAPCA charity is run by a Management Board and Executive Committee who are elected into office by the Members to run the charity on a day to day basis.
The main aims of the Association are:

1.    To maintain the PAWS Dog Shelter
2. To provide accommodation, protection, care and arrange        appropriate veterinary treatment for dogs that have been abandoned or whose owner(s) cannot or will not take proper care of them, principally in Paphos and in the district of Paphos.
3.  To find new homes for dogs accommodated at the PAWS Dog Shelter both within Cyprus and overseas.
4.   To pursue a policy of neutering.
5.  To provide education and assistance for the humane treatment and training of dogs to the general public.
6.  To liaise with other like minded organisations, both in Cyprus and overseas to expand these objectives.

To become a member you must be aged 18 or over and support the aims of the Association. The cost of becoming a Member is as little as €10 per year or part of year (a year running from January to December) Membership options are shown below.
Further information and application forms are available from PAWS Dog Shelter and the PAWS Charity Shop or by emailing or by clicking on the pdf icon below.
Single (Annual) €12, Joint (Annual) €20
5 Year Single €50, 5 year Joint €90
Single Lifetime Membership €180
Joint Lifetime Membership €350
Corporate (Annual) €100
Volunteer Single (Annual) €10
Volunteer Joint (Annual) €20
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