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Every few months PAWS/CAPCA produces a newsletter called the "Paws Patter". The newsletter, is partially funded by our regular advertisers and supporters and is distributed throughout the Paphos area, as well as some being sent to some of our supporters in the UK. Many more in the UK get an electronic version. The version available at our outlets in the Paphos area is free, but we would appreciate a donation of 50 cents to help offset our printing costs.
If you have Adobe Reader on your computer, you will be able to look at the following editions of the Paws Patter. Just double click on any of the PAWS Patter thumbnails.
The following link relates to an article written for the Cyprus For Travellers website by Daria Saulskaia in July 2017 and gives a current account of the PAWS Dog Shelter with some cracking photographs of the residents and volunteers. Click on the box below.
the Movie!
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