PAWS Dog Shelter
Radiating out from the central kitchen space are long, well lit service corridors, which are always kept bright and clean. Each side of the corridor will contain a single category of animal, such as puppies, new admissions, large breeds, etc. Grouping animals this way helps them integrate better and makes life easier when caring for them.
Each service corridor contains small pens about 10' x 8' in size. Each pen includes a small, walled ‘room’ where the dogs can hide if they want privacy. Alternatively, they can socialise with other dogs in neighbouring pens through the wire partition which divides them.
Since January 2013, all of the pens have been fitted with additional overhead shades.
The project took over a year to complete and despite the high cost of the project, it was considered extremely necessary because of the high temperatures that Cyprus bears during the summer months.
Most pens adjoin a large compound. Access to the compound can be restricted by a door, allowing the staff to isolate dogs when feeding, or isolate new admissions, in a way that allows them to see and greet other dogs before being considered suitable to run with the group of dogs already there.
The large open spaces allow a lot of freedom for the dogs. All have trees and foliage to enhance the surroundings and all have some form of gazebo area for the dogs to lie and watch the world go by! There are several of these compounds, all of different shapes and sizes, so we can make sure we provide a happy and suitable environment for the residents.
Finally, there is the play area for our 2-legged visitors! This is our staff area where all the workers can take a break from the work and enjoy a drink and snack from the staff kitchen.
The facility is surrounded by large trees, to provide a low eco-profile and also to act as a windbreak to avoid high winds upsetting our animals. The site is situated remotely from any local community, to avoid any disturbance to both residents and animals. Even inside the compound, there are copious numbers of trees to provide a wind break, give shade and help absorb noise. It also makes the environment a happier place to work in!
At the centre of the complex is the kitchen suite, where all animal feed is prepared and divided up for the various sections of dogs, and where all foodstuffs are stored.
We think that our purpose built facility is one of the finest of its kind available on the island - but we would say that wouldn’t we? So please decide for yourself either by viewing the photos below, browsing a YouTube video, or dropping in to the shelter and having a look around. We welcome visitors between 07:00 and 11:30, without appointment, to view both our facilities and to observe the dogs in a wonderful and safe environment.
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