Sledding Challenge

PAWS Dog Shelter volunteer, Julie Matthews, is embarking on the challenge of a lifetime in April 2019, when she will undertake the Husky Sledding Challenge and raise money for PAWS.
Julie explains, “The adventure begins in Kvayola, Norway where I will receive a day’s training in handling and looking after the dogs, driving the sled, pitching a high altitude tent in the snow and of course learning cold weather survival skills. At night, temperatures can drop to between -15 and -20 degrees (Celsius). The next day we will set off with our assigned team of six Huskies, across the frozen wastelands of Northern Scandinavia. From Norway we will cross into Finland and then Sweden aiming for our destination of Kiruna the northern most part of Lapland. We will be looking out for moose, reindeer, snow grouse and foxes as we sled through forests and mountain trails. I am told that the landscape is inhospitable, and the four day journey covering 200 -250 kilometres will be tough, but I am sure that my dogs will look after me and help me complete this once in a lifetime experience. The dogs enjoy running but also have time to rest and they will thrive on the attention and cuddles which I will give them afterwards.”
Funding the cost of the challenge herself, Julie has pledged that ALL monies donated through sponsorship will go to PAWS.  What we asks is that you give Julie your support from the comfort of an armchair and in the contrasting warmth of Cyprus by sponsoring her! This means that apart from embarking on a massive personal, physical challenge, she can also raise money for the dogs in Paphos, Cyprus. Please have a look at the following webpage page which has been set up by Julie for more information, and hopefully make your donation there:

If, however, you prefer to pledge your sponsorship and donate using a sponsor form, then this can be done at the PAWS Shelter and Charity Shop.
A massive thank you to our tenacious volunteer Julie for taking on this grueling challenge and making PAWS the beneficiary.